Interview questions and structured interviewing
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Exploring Interview Generator Competencies

Now let’s work our way through the site, starting with the Competencies section. This section houses 60 “generic,” non-technical competencies, and ”custom” competencies unique to your account. The "generic", or universal, competencies were developed by the IG authors through their collective research and years of practice in the human resources / organizational psychology fields.

Competencies Screen

The competencies are arranged in alphabetical order, as shown in the screen shot above. Some of the generic competencies include: communication skills, cooperation and collaboration, teamwork orientation, leadership ability, creativity, and many more.

Competencies can be thought of as the skills, knowledge, abilities and personal qualities that lead to successful performance on the job. Another way to think about competencies is as “the distinguishing characteristics of successful performance.” This definition of competencies is useful because it helps us focus on those personal qualities that are most critical to success on the job, rather than interviewing for a “ragbag” of abilities that are common to many jobs.

You may find it useful to go to the Competencies section of Interview Generator to review the categories there and narrow down your selection criteria when constructing an interview.

To view a competency definition, simply click on that competency's name. Each definition provides a detailed description of how to better understand and interpret the meaning of that particular competency. Each definition ends with a question that the user will find useful in understanding the intended meaning of a specific competency.

Competency Definition

Creating Your Own Competencies

Some organizations have their own set of core competencies that are used throughout their "people management", or HR programs, and serve as a common language for that organization. IG allows the user to record their own competencies and definitions, as seen below.

Create Competency

Technical Interview Competencies

You will see later that there is already a place in the interview guide to include technical questions, and because there are so many different technical skills used throughout industry, it is probably better if you do not enter these into the Competencies section of the site, but rather, use the interview guide itself for technical competencies and technical interview questions.

Be sure to click the Update button below the window after you write in your material and before you return to the previous screen. If you do not click on Update, your new data will not be saved to the database and will be lost.