Interview questions and structured interviewing
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Getting Started: Purchasing Units and Logging In

The Build An Interview home page functions as a login page (see username and password fields above) as well as an informational directory. Once you have obtained your log in information you can access IG and begin to use the system.

The other information on the home page under Interview Generator explains how to use the site and provides client information and a Consultant Enquiry Form that can be completed and submitted if you desire to become a reseller.

The Interviewers and Interviewees sections contain useful information that is free to the user and may ask for some simple information so that we can contact you later with resources related to interviewing. We do not share our list with anyone and you can opt out of the system at any time.

Purchasing Units or an Unlimited Use License

In order to enter the site, you must obtain a username and password from your Interview Generator distributor or directly from us: or +1 310 306-0980. There is an e-mail option you can use to contact us and purchase IG units or an unlimited use license.