Interview questions and structured interviewing
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Interview Generator© (found at is owned and operated by Predict Success®, a management consulting firm specializing in human resources tools and systems, based in Los Angeles, California and Kingston-upon-Thames near London in the UK.

Interview Generator© is an online interview-building system, used primarily by leaders, hiring managers and human resources professionals -- individuals who interview other people in order to evaluate and/or better understand their work-related skills, knowledge, abilities and competencies for a wide range of human resources activities, including but not limited to: employment selection, internal transfers and promotions, succession planning, performance reviews, development planning, building organizational competency models, and other "people-management" and development purposes.

Build an Interview Home Screen

Interview Generator© (IG) is appropriate for leaders of organizations of all types, industries, and sizes. IG allows users to create and use customized, structured interview guides that are built from the core competencies for the specific position for which these are to be used.

Typically, Interview Guides are used for the full interviewing cycle, including:

Step 1: Building a job-specific Interview Guide
Step 2: Using the Interview Guide to ask questions, probe and stay on track
Step 3: Recording candidate responses, rating the Interview, and comparing candidates

Using the IG website you can:

  1. View our exclusive and extensive list of 60 generic competencies, with complete definitions for each; you can add your own unique organizational competencies and definitions to your account within the system, as well.
  2. Use our database of several thousand behavioral interview questions with paired target behaviors (interview "answers"), by job level (level 1 = entry-level jobs, 2 = technical / professional positions, 3 = supervisory, or management, 4 = executive, or senior management).
  3. Design your own customized interview guides by selecting essential-for-success competencies, and several interview questions/target behaviors under each competency.
  4. Select an existing, pre-formatted interview from our Job Library of hundreds of common jobs. You can use Library job templates "as is", or edit the material freely to fit your own purposes.
  5. Customize your completed interview guides by selecting report format color options, inserting your company logo on the report cover page, adding technical questions and requirements, and adding notes, comments and ratings.
  6. Save, print and edit your completed interview guides in PDF, HTML, and/or Rich Text (Word) formats, which includes both a long and short version to choose from. Your interview guides, once created, can be used again and again at no additional charge.
This demonstration will show you how to use the various features of the site including how to get started. Please remember that this site contains a great deal of information; you may need several visits before you have navigated it all. Use the scroll bar on the right to move the page up and down in your browser window.