Interview questions and structured interviewing
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Navigating Within Interview Generator

The Welcome screen explains IG's navigational features and while providing a link to report any technical problems you experience with the site. The menu on the left side of each screen is your primary means for navigation in the site.

IG Welcome Screen

The first button, Clients, simply contains information about your account. You can edit this section as needed so that we have correct contact information in your account.

The second button, Competencies, contains the 60 competency categories with definitions that we use as the basis for constructing our interview guides, and any custom competencies you may set up yourself.

The third button, Target Behaviors/Questions, contains the database of interview questions that go with each of the competencies and a target behavior for each question that gives you a benchmark in terms of what to look for when you ask a particular interview question. You can also add material to this section.

The next button, Interviews, is probably the section of the site you will use most often, as this is where you go to create, edit, download and print-out your interview guides.

The next button, System Credits, contains information about the number of units remaining in your account, or the time left on your unlimited use license.

The Resources section contains hundreds of articles, job aids and other useful information for interviewers and interviewees. Browse this section when you have time to do so.